COVID19 – event industry
As event agency, we keep a close eye to the developments regarding the Corona virus (COVID19). We naturally follow the instructions given by the RIVM and government. When we have any information regarding our upcoming events, we’ll update you as soon as possible.
Our BMW event BimmerFest will be postponed to 2022. All informatie regarding the 2022 edition will be communicated around December 1st.

An event agency with an eye for detail

The strategy and core activity of GT Events were clear from the start on April 11th 2011. Strong in creating events, especially in the successful development and production of various car events. A lot of attention and deepening in the relevant segment, results in strong and sustainable productions. With this specialization, GT Events differentiates itself from the many other event agencies. The knowledge and experience offers the possibility to successfully develop and produce an (automotive) event, even if it concerns your event. Has your interest been aroused? Visit the About GT Events page for additional information.

Over 9 years of in house event experience
GT Events its main focus is organizing automotive events. Over the past few years, the largest production became a recognizable brand in the automotive industry. In addition to events, GT Events manages several automotive communities, enabling a strong collaboration between both online and offline branding.

Business relations of GT Events

With the brand exclusive events, the focus lies on connecting companies with the right audience. This involves looking for a match between the company profiles and the target group of the event in question. Many collaborations with strong brands in the automotive scene were formed over the past 9 years. A selection of brands can be found below. Would you like to promote your brand in a specific audience as well? Get in touch.

partners GT Events mobile

partners GT Events mobile

All-round event agency: online and offline brand enhancement

In addition to organizing events, GT Events also manages several online media. Through this combination of both events and forums, GT Events can offer both online and offline advertisement and increase brand awareness.