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logo bimmerportalGT Events offers multiple possibilities when it comes to advertising on BimmerPortal. Companies are able to draw attention to their product or service in the BMW branch. If you've got any questions, you're able to contact Brian Klifman by sending an email to: Within the past few years, BimmerPortal has become a well-known forum amongst the Dutch and Belgian BMW enthusiasts, and can't be left out of the BMW scene these days.

BimmerPortal advertorial statistics

BimmerPortal is a well-visited, brand-specific platform (+/- 27.000 registered members) with an average of approximately 3.400 visitors each day. The average visitor is active on the forum for about 4 minutes. The social media channels are not included in the pre-mentioned statistics. 

Advertorial options BimmerPortal

We've got standard advertorial options with the possibilities below:
- webbanner, block banner and leaderboard in circulation on the blog homepage
- leaderboard position on the forum homepage (on the top and bottom of the page)
- company logo on the homepage (included in the 6 and 12 month all-in packages)
- a trader section on the forum (included in the 12 month all-in package)
- a newsitem in Bimmerportal mailing to approx. 27.500 users (included in the 12 month all-in package)

Continuous possibilities
All-in advertorial package, 12 months          € 749,-   (which is less than € 63,- a month)
All-in advertorial package, 6 months           € 450,-
All-in advertorial package, 3 months           € 275,-
All-in advertorial package, 1 month             € 150,-
Extra brand per all-in spot, in roulation        €  49,-   (max. 2 brands per spot)

Other possibilities
Trader section on forum                            € 249,-   (12 months)
Newsitem newsletter                               € 189,-   (per newsletter)
Newsitem blog/SEO                                 € 129,-
Company reportage                                  € 399,-

All metioned prices are without 21% VAT (latest update 8-Jan-2018)

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