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Over 7 years of event experience

GT Events has the organization of automotive events as main focus. The two largest productions became recognizable brands in the automotive industry. And in addition to events, GT Events manages and develops various automotive related forums.


The largest Honda event where the European Honda scene is present to share the Honda passion. 


An international, spectaculair event, where thousands of BMW drivers and enthusiasts gather to share their passion.

Fast Car Fest

Fast Car Festival is a track event with the main focus on performance-oriented and exclusive cars. 

Audi Community

The Audi scene will in 2018 also get their share of attention. The new Audi Community will be launched on March 1st.

logo bimmerportalGT Events offers multiple possibilities when it comes to advertising on BimmerPortal. Companies are able to draw attention to their product or service in the BMW branch. If you've got any questions, you're able to contact Brian Klifman by sending an email to: bmw@gt-events.nl. Within the past few years, BimmerPortal has become a well-known forum amongst the Dutch and Belgian BMW enthusiasts, and can't be left out of the BMW scene these days.

BimmerPortal advertorial statistics

BimmerPortal is a well-visited, brand-specific platform (+/- 27.000 registered members) with an average of approximately 3.400 visitors each day. The average visitor is active on the forum for about 4 minutes. The social media channels are not included in the pre-mentioned statistics. 

Advertorial options BimmerPortal

We've got standard advertorial options with the possibilities below:
- webbanner, block banner and leaderboard in circulation on the blog homepage
- leaderboard position on the forum homepage (on the top and bottom of the page)
- company logo on the homepage (included in the 6 and 12 month all-in packages)
- a trader section on the forum (included in the 12 month all-in package)
- a newsitem in Bimmerportal mailing to approx. 27.500 users (included in the 12 month all-in package)

Continuous possibilities
All-in advertorial package, 12 months          € 749,-   (which is less than € 63,- a month)
All-in advertorial package, 6 months           € 450,-
All-in advertorial package, 3 months           € 275,-
All-in advertorial package, 1 month             € 150,-
Extra brand per all-in spot, in roulation        €  49,-   (max. 2 brands per spot)

Other possibilities
Trader section on forum                            € 249,-   (12 months)
Newsitem newsletter                               € 189,-   (per newsletter)
Newsitem blog/SEO                                 € 129,-
Company reportage                                  € 399,-

All metioned prices are without 21% VAT (latest update 8-Jan-2018)

Article 1 – Definitions
General terms and conditions tickets: the general terms and conditions which are applicable on buying a ticket and/or parking tickets. (be known as: ‘terms and conditions’)
Organization: the organization of the events of which tickets can be bought, in this case GT Events (be known as: ‘organisatie’)
Customer: the person or corporation with whom the organization has got an agreement regarding an event (be known as: ‘customer’)
Event: the organized event, for which the organization sells the tickets (be known as: ‘event’)
Agreement: the agreement between the organization and the customer in order to obtain tickets for one of the events (be known as: ‘agreement’)
Ticket: the document that serves as entry ticket for one of the events organized by GT Events (be known as: ‘ticket’)
Parking ticket: parking ticket for a non-participating car, which is allowed to park on the parking terrain (be known as: ‘parking ticket’)
Order: the total number of ordered tickets and/or parking tickets (known as: ‘order’)

Article 2 – Applicability terms and conditions
1. These terms and conditions apply to all offers, orders, agreements and contracts pursuant to which the organization provides products or services of any nature whatsoever to the customer, also if these products or services are not described or not further described in these terms and conditions.
2. The organization expressly rejects other conditions of the customer.
3. The parties may only agree changes in relation to the terms and conditions in writing. The organization is entitled to change the terms and conditions and declare changed terms and conditions applicable to agreements. Changed terms and conditions shall be published on the organization's website for consultation.

Article 3 – Application ticket
1. A ticket that has been bought by the customer, is exclusively valid for the concerning event. The event name and date are clearly mentioned on each ticket.
2. The ordered tickets are exclusively valid on the day of the event, during the opening hours that the organization has communicated prior to the event. The event program can be found on the website of the concerning event.
3. Each tickets is exclusively valid for a person. Each person will need their own entry ticket. 
4. A parking tickets is exclusively valid for vehicles that would like to park on the parking area. Each vehicle will need their own parking ticket.

Article 4 – Formation agreement
1. The agreemeent between the organization and customer comes about when the payment of the order is fulfilled.
2. The customer needs to check the filled-in information, prior to the confirmation of the order. The organization is not liable for incorrectly transmitted orders (for example to an incorrect address or incorrectly ordered tickets).  Customer can not claim these errors with the organization.
3. The organization has got the right to set a maximum amount of tickets that can be ordered at once. If this maximum amount has been exceeded by the customore, the organization is entitled to cancel the order or let those tickets become unvalid. 
4. Each agreement is entered under the suspensive condition of sufficient availability of the products or services concerned.

Article 5 – Payments and prices
1. Payments can exclusively be made by using the payment module, which has been integrated into the ticket shop.
2. All prices that can be found in the ticket shop, are in euro's with VAT included and shipping costs excluded, unless unless explicitly stated otherwise.
3. The organization will charge administration and shipping costs along with each order. Costs are mentioned with every order.
4. After paying the order, paid tickets can not be traded or refunded by the organization. 

Article 6 – Terms of delivery
1. Orders will be shipped out to the address, filled in by the customer. 
2. Shipment of the order will be taken care of, when the payment of the ordered products has been received by the organization.
3. The organization can not guarentee that the shipped order will be delivered, since the organization will outsource this delivery. 
4. The exceeding of any delivery period shall not entitle the customer to compensation. If a delivery period is exceeded, the customer shall also not have the right to cancel the order or terminate the agreement, unless the delivery period in question is exceeded to such an extent that the customer cannot reasonably be expected to uphold the agreement.

Article 7 – Returns and refunds
1. An order that has been ordered and paid by a customer, can not be returned, unless otherwise agreed with the organization.
2. Prior to returning an order by a customer, he/she needs to have been in contact with the organization.
3. A refund regarding the purchase of an order is not possible.

Artikel 8 – Liability
1. The organization may never be held liable for any form of damage to or loss of a ticket whatsoever. In the event of loss or theft, the customer may not claim a replacement ticket or the refund of any amount paid. The organization shall likewise not be liable for the delayed or incorrect delivery of tickets if the delay or incorrect delivery cannot be attributed to the organization.
2. Manifest errors and writing errors on any of the organizations websites or in offers, order confirmations, agreements, tickets and/or other documents, shall not bind the organization in any way whatsoever. In the event of a difference of opinion between the organization and the customer about the translation and/or interpretation of these terms and conditions, the Dutch version shall be decisive.
3. The organization does not in any way whatsoever accept liability for tickets acquired by the customer from third parties. In addition, the organization cannot guarantee the authenticity of such tickets. 
4. The organization may not in any way whatsoever be held liable for any damage suffered by the holder of a ticket as a result of acts or omissions on the part of third parties.


BimmerFest is a BMW only event, that has its main focus on the BMW (and MINI) enthusiasts. In 2017, over 3.000 BMW’s and thousands of visitors gathered in Gorinchem to share their BMW passion. Because of the combination of a unique and interactive location, and a large and varied attendance, BimmerFest separates itself from the many BMW meetings and events that are organized in The Netherlands. With 35% of international participants, BimmerFest has become a well-known international event over the years.

Drukte op de paddock tijdens BimmerFest in Gorinchem Indoor stands tijdens het BMW evenement in Gorinchem

During the past editions, BMW enthusiasts from The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Luxembourg, Ireland, Scotland and England, found their way to this BMW event. And each edition has a growing amount of participating companies, among which are a lot of well-known brands and companies. Due to the combination of BimmerFest and BimmerPortal, GT Events is highly active in the BMW scene. Therefore we are able to not only make sure your company gains online visibility, but also to get in touch with a highly active BMW audience.  
Would you like to expand your clientele? View the BimmerFest brochure or the exhibitor form. In order to schedule an appointment to discuss the participation options for your company, we can be reached by phone. More information regarding the event, can be found on the multi-language BimmerFest website


HondaFest is the largest Honda event in Europe. All Honda models are welcome to join this brand-focused event, whether it's a youngtimer or a new Type R model. Activities that are taking place during HondaFest, give visitors and participants the opportunity to get inspired and get in touch with the companies that are present. With 1.400 Honda's and a high quality, HondaFest may again be seen as a successful event. An event that became well-known in the Honda scene within a few years.

Kickdown competition op HondaFest Drukte op HondaFest

The chosen location for the 2018 edition of HondaFest, is Race Park Meppen. This location in Germany is completely track minded, and therefore offers participants the possibility to actively take part during this event. Therefore, the Track Sessions and Sprint Competition will be the events main focus. Since HondaFest will be a weekend event in 2018, visitors are also looking for the 'fun factor' that comes along with the clubs and groups of friends. The Saturday evening will be the party night, in the midst of a weekend filled with activities. We're expecting a larger, international growth amongst visitors, since HondaFest will take place in Germany. An estimated guess, but a guess in which we believe, is a growth of 35% in German participants, compared to 2017. For more information regarding the event, please view the HondaFest brochure. In order to immediately book your exhibitor space, please send us your confirmation, by downloading and filling out the exhibitor form. Are you not yet familiar with HondaFest? Please visit the website for more event information: www.hondafest.eu 

Fast Car Festival

Fast Car Festival is an automotive event that has its main focus on the exclusive and performance minded car enthusiasts. This event took place in 2011 and 2012 at Circuit Park Zandvoort, and has set an example for performance minded events. The Toyo Tires Superlap has been embraced as a true racing series. Many car enthusiasts had their first experience when it comes to driving on a track, during one of the twelve 'Vrij Rijden' sessions.

Fast Car Festival gridgirls Een Bugatti Veyron maakte grote indruk op de paddock

This event has strongly contributed to the start-up of GT Events. In the past few years, the automotive industry, as well as the GT Events company vision, has changed considerably. Therefore, GT Events does not have the capacity to organize an event as Fast Car Festival. Each season, this decision will be revied, in order to see if we are able to continue this automotive event.

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